6 more manures bought and taken down to the plot. The middle bed has now been manured and recovered. It just needs a bit more plastic to cover the end, but it was dark by the time we finished, so that can wait for the moment.

One bag of manure does about 10 sq ft ground.

I pulled up the last gourds and a number of weeds from the front bed. We then covered the whole bed to try and kill off the remaining weeds for a couple of weeks. I did deadheading and pulled up plants, but various zinnias and marigolds still going, as are the nasturtiums, with only a bit of frost damage to them.

We dismantled the netting and poles, hung netting in the shed to dry. When I was putting the canes away I saw a mouse disappearing between the shed and the fence. You can live under it, just don’t go inside, please.

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