I hadn’t been down to the plot for a few days thanks to a horrible headache. Beans needed picking though and I found that the back pole had broken off in the ground, collapsing the netting. Fortunately, none of the plants seem to have been damaged. I did my best to stick the remaining length into the ground and then lash up Heath Robinson guy ropes with twine and staples.

There were loads of beans to pick, a good handful of cucamelons and a pocketful of tomatoes and cherry tomatoes. One Red Alert plant looks decidedly suspect for blight with unhealthy-looking leaves. It would be good if I can just get the remaining tomatoes on it riper before I have to remove the plant.

The gourds are clearly enjoying the rain; the one with the corners is a good bit bigger, as is the one that is standing up, which now has lumps and new colour too.

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