The water has receded somewhat – no standing water and the plum hole was just sticky mud. The ground is still not optimum for weeding, but I got another section of the front bed done, front the first fence post to the pear tree. I also uncovered the mimulus, which was buried under a huge clump of grass. I also moved a few things around to better places, including a lump of carnation that had to be dug up in order to pull out the grass and is now down by the gate. Possibly dead, but we’ll see. Hopefully the freesia bulbs I disturbed and put back will be ok.

Beyond the pear it’s more complicated as there’s a ginger mint in among all the weeds. The ginger mint is a creeper, which is actually a bit tiresome, so if longer pieces get broken off it, so be it.

On the way back up the path there was a robin singing loudly, so I let it know it should head down to my newly dug beds, where there were all kinds of grubs and bugs.