There’d been a bit more rain, so the earth was still a bit wetter than I’d like. It just makes digging and weeding difficult – and I’m not sure about sowing much either, in case it just rots. The squelchiest bit for walking is just by the shed, so I’m very pleased with my door mat serving its purpose.

I uncovered the veg bed and gave it another rough turn, then took a couple of buckets of soil (heavy clay) to fill in the plum hole.

Looking at that corner, it needs a lot of renovation, mostly just digging it over, moving the lavenders together, rescuing a few perennials that are there and watching out for the gladioli bulbs. The various clumps of lemon balm can be moved / take their chance as required.

The front bed is now done, right up to the elder. The ginger mint was a bit tricky to navigate, but the grass and buttercups are at least all gone now. I also found a few foxglove seedlings, which I moved back against the fence.

I’ve found one bear’s breeches so far. The other one is MIA, but might just be buried under weeds. I’m gradually coming along to the patch of weeds in the triangular part of the bed.

The ledge isn’t doing badly and I did some additional fingertip weeding, pulling up the cress plants that were flowering. I’ve sown a row of sweet peas along the fence (and along the left fence) and sown some cornflowers in the gaps and some chrysanthemum towards the right hand side.

Underneath the braeburn has some bulbs coming up, the coreopsis is there and there are a bunch of horrible weeds, but there are now also a load of tiny seedling emerging. What’s the betting they’re weeds too?