More flowers were open when I went to the plot this morning. I’m pleased that what nigella are left are the mixed ones. I removed them too carefully last time, so this year I’ll let them seed down a bit more.

I walked around the plot with a big smile on my face, discovering the first lupin, Canterbury bells, wonderful snapdragons.

The two additional runner beans have now appeared. The plan is to have them wind around the big poles.

I pushed the sweet pea up on the right hand side and discovered various plants underneath, including a flowering cornflower. I’ve removed a bunch of grass from the back of the bed too. With experience from last year’s grass seeding down, plus this year’s hayfever, I’m trying to keep on top of grass etc turning to seed.

There is still no sign of the seed I sowed in Bed 3, so I’ve now added the cornflowers I raised at home. Hopefully they won’t mind the dryness.

I turned over the dahlia bed and disturbed hundreds of ants. The robin had a look from the fence, but didn’t dare jump down. Happily though, the blackbird came to help me clear up before they all disappeared out of reach.

I’ve found 2 apples so far. Big harvest!

The small bed is now planted up with small sunflowers, a big cosmos and a couple of zinnias. Might be a bit crowded, or beautifully full. Let’s see.